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The Hamburg Score

Shklovsky, Viktor
The Hamburg Score (Gamburgsky schyot) is "a very important concept," wrote Viktor Shklovsky, the famous Russian literary critic and founder of Russian formalism, in 1928. All wrestlers cheat in performance and allow themselves to lose a fight for the organizers. But once a year wrestlers gather in Hamburg and fight in private among themselves.

Matei Brunul

Teodorovici, Lucian Dan
Matei Brunul was the first Romanian novel to explore the carceral world of the former regime, but it is also a subtle meditation on Heinrich von Kleist's On the Marionette Theatre and the ways in which a totalitarian state and ultimately fiction itself create and manipulate puppets.


Toomey, John
When Albert Jackson, a middle-aged school teacher, catches a glimpse of the infinite universe and his own tiny insignificance he cannot shake himself free of regret for a life all but squandered. In a blind and demented attempt to salvage something from his life, he sets off, half-lucidly, on a mission to reclaim life, to live it on his terms.


Toomey, John
A novel about a man trying to escape his own superficiality and emptiness through excess and murder.

Miss MacIntosh, My Darling

Young, Marguerite