Booker Prize - Longlist 2021

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The Employees: A workplace novel of the 22nd century

Ravn, Olga
The crew of the Six-Thousand ship consists of those who were born, and those who were created. Those who will die, and those who will not. As human and humanoid employees alike come to long for the same things: warmth and closeness. Loved ones who have passed. Our shared, far-away Earth, which now only persists in memory.

Summer Brother

Robben, Jaap
Summer Brother is an honest, tender account of brotherly love between a disabled boy and his abled brother, which will resonate with readers of Rain Man.

Minor Detail

Shibli, Adania
A beautiful meditation on war, violence, memory and injustice, set in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In Memory of Memory

Stepanova, Maria
With the death of her aunt, Maria Stepanova is left to sift through an apartment full of faded photographs, old postcards, diaries, and heaps of souvenirs: a withered repository of a century of life in Russia. Carefully reassembled, these shards tell the story of how a seemingly ordinary Jewish family managed to survive the twentieth century.

The Perfect Nine: The Epic of Gikuyu and Mumbi

wa Thiong'o, Ngugi