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Busting the Diabetes Myth: The Natural Way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

Cavan, Dr David (author)
An effective and evidence-based approach to guide people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes towards a healthier future


Child, Lee (Editor)
When a different kind of justice is needed - swift, effective, and personal - a new type of avenger must take action.

The Alignment Problem: How Can Machines Learn Human Values?

Christian, Brian
How do we prevent AI working against us?

Friends and Liars

Coble, Kaela
When Ruby's best friend dies, he leaves behind a series of envelopes containing explosive secrets about their friendship circle. Ruby will do anything to stop her secret coming to light. An emotionally gripping story about friendship and secrets, lies and loves.

Eddie Jones: Rugby Maverick

Colman, Mike
The first biography of the enigmatic coach who has completely transformed the fortunes of the England rugby team.

How To Stage A Coup

Cormac, Rory
Today's world is in flux. Competition between the great powers is back on the agenda and governments around the world are turning to secret statecraft and the hidden hand to navigate these uncertain waters. From poisonings to electoral interference, subversion to cyber sabotage, states increasingly operate in the shadows, while social media has created new avenues for disinformation on a mass scale.

M is for Mummy

Cox, Katy
Your family doesn't fit the mould. So what?

The Living

Cullinan, Lean
The Irish nation is at peace. Violence and segregation are consigned to history, stories to be told and not forgotten. Yet for the first generation to come of age in Ireland's flimsy peacetime, the ghosts of the past are all too close to home.

Sedated: How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis

Davies, James
A provocative and shocking look at how western society is misunderstanding and mistreating mental illness.

All Along the Echo

Denton, Danny
'A boisterous chorus, brimming with humanity. All Along the Echo feels like a living thing, dancing and dodging, surprising and poignant.' Lisa McInerney

Dead Letters

Dolan-Leach, Caite
Ava's twin sister is missing, maybe even dead. In order to learn the truth she must follow the clues from A to Z...

The Death's Head Chess Club

Donoghue, John
A deeply intelligent and page-turning novel that explores the difficulties of guilt and forgiveness in an impossible friendship between a Nazi and a Jew