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Out Of Space: How UK Cities Shaped Rave Culture

Ottewill, Jim
Since the dawn of time, humans have had the urge to come together and move to music. It may have started in caves but these days it happens in clubs often found in the shady corners of our towns and cities. Or at least it did until these places began to march to the beat of property developers rather than DJs.

First Floor Volume 1: Reflections on Electronic Music Culture

Reynaldo, Shawn
First Floor started small. At first it was just a newsletter, an outlet where veteran electronic music journalist Shawn Reynaldo could write and share his ideas without having to contend with outside editors or cater to social media algorithms. It was a blank canvas, and Reynaldo began to fill it with his extended thoughts on not just electronic music itself, but the culture and industry that surrounded it. Just a few years later, First Floor now stands as one of electronic music's most influential platforms, particularly as Reynaldo continues to put many of the genre's thorniest issues under the microscope.

Tales From The Booth

The Secret DJ