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What Horses Really Want: Unlocking the Secrets to Trust, Cooperation and Reliability

Acton, Lynn
Horsewoman Lynn Acton demonstrates that by providing our horses with the security and protection they desire, they then accept our rules and put us in charge. Our leadership becomes more effective, there is less anxiety and fewer behaviour problems. Illustrated with practical examples of real horses in everyday life.

The Athletic Equestrian: Over 40 Exercises for Good Hands, Power Legs, and Superior Seat Awareness

Batton, Sally
A proven rider training system to sharpen position and vastly improve skill in the saddle.

How Two Minds Meet: The Mental Dynamics of Dressage

Baumert, Beth
Beth Baumert's first book, When Two Spines Align examined the ways the physical bodies of horse and rider work together-the physics behind riding in balance. In Baumert's new book How Two Minds Meet, she takes us beyond physical harmony to look at the minds of both horse and rider, each complete with its own set of emotions and mental capabilities

Kids Guide To Horsemanship & Groomi

Hill, Cat
A kid-friendly introduction to safe and proper horse care from the best in the business.