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The Social Context of Technology: Non-ferrous Metalworking in Later Prehistoric Britain and Ireland

Adams, Sophia
A detailed assessment of the archaeological evidence for non-ferrous metalworking in the Bronze and Iron Ages of Britain and Ireland, focusing on materials, processes and social context.

Cod And Herring: The Archaeology And History Of Medieval Sea Fishing

Barrett, James
This interdisciplinary book combines history, archaeology and zooarchaeology to discover the chronology, causes and consequences of medieval fisheries.

Caves and Ritual in Medieval Europe

Bergsvik, Knut
Presents an interdisciplinary exploration of the use of caves and rock shelters across Europe during the medieval period for a wide range of religious and spiritual purposes by Christian, Muslim, Pictish and non-denominational communities, at both regional and local levels.

The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland

Dowd, Marion
Comprehensive analysis of the use of caves from the earliest Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to the 21st century in Ireland.

Making Journeys: Archaeologies of Mobility

Gibson, Catriona D.
Making Journeys explores new avenues of approach to the movement of people and ideas in the past through detailed examination of the biographies of artefacts, from their origins to their places and contexts (physical and social) of deposition.

First Light: Origins of Newgrange

Hensey, Robert
A new narrative on the origins and significance of Newgrange, the world famous Irish Neolithic monument in Ireland, not only because of its vast scale and copious megalithic art, but also because of its renowned alignment to the morning sun on the winter solstice.

Everyday Life in Viking-Age Towns: Social Approaches to Towns in England and Ireland, c. 800-1100

ten Harkel, Letty
Thirteen on the current state of knowledge about Viking-Age towns (c. 800-1100).

Peopling Insular Art: Practice, Performance, Perception

Thickpenny, Cynthia
This book presents a series of papers presented at the eights International Conference on Insular Art, which took place in July 2017.