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Navigating the Zeitgeist: A Story of the Cold War, the New Left, Irish Republicanism, and International Communism

Sheehan, Helena
Why would an American girl-child, born into a good, Irish-Catholic family in the thick of the McCarthy era - a girl who, when she came of age, entered a convent - morph into an atheist, feminist, and Marxist?

Shamrocks and Oil Slicks: A People's Uprising Against Shell Oil in County Mayo, Ireland

Wilcox, Fred a
County Mayo, Ireland, is spectacularly beautiful. Dolphins, whales, and seals frolic in bays, rivers teem with salmon. Into this tranquil, unspoiled region, in early 2002, came Shell Oil, announcing plans to build a gas refinery. Shell promised wonderful things: new jobs, improved roads, money for schools. Church officials called this project