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New Motorcycle Yearbook 1

Burton, Simon de
This is an annual guide to every motorcycle launched worldwide from January to December 2005. Including illustrated entries on 120 motorcycles, clearly organized A-Z within each category (touring bikes, trail bikes etc.), and with performance and technical data for each motorcycle, this is a useful reference for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

New Motorcycle Yearbook 3

Burton, Simon de
An annual reference to the trends in motorcycle design and technology, this book includes over 100 motorcycles, organized A-Z within each category. It contains over 500 photographs that show every bike in detail and in action. It is suitable for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

The New Motorcycle Yearbook 2: The Definitive Annual Guide to All New Motorcycles Worldwide

Burton, Simon de
Includes entries on various bikes, a feature on the future of motorcycling, profiles of the year's leading designers, a technical glossary and a list of the major bike shows in the year ahead. This book covers over 100 motorcycles, an organized A-Z within each category, and over 500 photographs and renderings showing the features of new bikes.

Wine Year

Cooper, Rosalind
An inspiring and entertaining month-by-month exploration of the world of wine, packed with practical advice and suggestions for what to drink and what to eat with it, where to go to discover the wine-making regions, and when best to travel there. Beautifully illustrated throughout with colour photography and sketch maps.

Two Painter - Alfred Wallis James Dixon

Gale, Matthew
Paintings of seascapes by 'untrained' artists Wallis and Dixon to accompany an exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Gallery St. Ives.

Books Do Furnish a Room: Organize, Display, Store

Geddes Brown, Leslie

Superstructures In Space

Gorn, Michael H.
The first survey of the world's most significant and fascinating spacecraft at the dawn of the twenty-first century, this is a lavishly illustrated book with hundreds of captivating photographs and drawings. An authoritative and engaging book by an eminent aerospace historian that will appeal to readers of all ages.