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The Angelica Touch

Angelica, 14, has reached three conclusions. Firstly, her mother Molly, who manages a rundown hotel on the wild Drisogue peninsula in Donegal, is desperately lonely. (She's not.) Secondly, it’s entirely her fault that Molly is still single. (It might be.) Thirdly, since she can hardly have a boyfriend of her own if Number 2 is true, it’s up to her to find her mother a man. (It really isn't.) Given her dangerously impressive gift for matchmaking, Angelica’s solution is to develop a dating website for her mum. With the questions devised by Angelica and best friend, Grace, what could possibly go wrong?

Dad's Red Dress

Jessie (13) wants her family to be normal. Boringly normal. Trouble is, her kid sister, Laura (7) wants to be a saint and thinks she’s been abducted by the Virgin Mary. (Twice; once on a motorbike), her step-mum, Eva makes erotic feminist installations while Dad becomes Mandy as soon as the front door closes. Which is fine. She loves them all to bits but they’ve just moved back to Ireland and this time she wants to try and avoid the bullying that usually kicks off when school friends find out about Dad. So, even though she has known it would happen, when Dad starts the process of transitioning into Mandy, Jessie is conflicted.