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Fresh Flowers On My Grave

Curtis, Joe
2019 Publication. Cemeteries are the new "tourist attractions" of the 21st century, especially in the big cities of the world. Some are now regarded as being equivalent to leafy public parks, for a peaceful and scenic stroll, while others are packed with wonderful sculpture, art and craftsmanship, and at the same time are of interest to historians, genealogists, and of course, relatives of the deceased. This Colour edition of the book gives a brief overview of numerous important cemeteries around the world, enlivened by many photographs, to entice further exploration by the curious explorer.

O'Connell Street

Curtis, Joe
2020 Publication. All Irish people know where "O'Connell Street" is located? Dublin? Strictly speaking, there is no such street in Dublin, but there are streets of that name elsewhere in Ireland! This book examines the places in Ireland which seek to honour Daniel O'Connell, and assesses which one "The Liberator" would be most proud of.

Dublin : October Fifty Four

Curtis, Joe
The author explores what Dublin looked like in 1954, and how the citizens lived, worked and played. The book delves deeply to get a "feel" for the physical city, and the way of life, while exploring the home, searching the streets for shops, businesses, entertainment venues, and workplaces.

Market Houses Of Leinster

Curtis, Joe

The Thing About Feathers: A compelling story that will have you weeping and laughing-out-loud. A must read!

Edgeworth, Janine
'The Thing about Feathers is that they can be a sign from the other side, your loved one saying hello – or for me, a reminder that all that is a load of rubbish. '

Remembering Me

Eyre, Ruby

Escape From Ward Eight : A thrilling adventure that puts a best friendship to the ultimate test

Fortune, Oda
"This deals with some heavy stuff – anxiety, grief, guilt, bullying, chronic illness – but it’s still an easy, engaging, funny read ideal for fans of David Walliams. I think it will also appeal to parents, teachers and librarians who are often seeking stories to help children going through these things to let them know that they’re not the only ones." - Tanya Byrne (Author of Follow Me Down, Afterlove)

Will of Annie

Giblin, Anthony
Told with honesty and humour THE WILL OF ANNIE is a thoughtful moving memoir from an engaging aspiring writer.