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The Magic Years: Scenes from a Rock-and-Roll Life

Taplin, Jonathan
The Magic Years reads like a Magical Mystery Tour of music, loss, beauty, family, justice, and social upheaval. It contains true magic, and true inspiration, as do the years, the people, and the story Taplin tells."-Rosanne CashJonathan Taplin's extraordinary journey has put him at the crest of every major cultural wave in the past half century: he was tour manager for Bob Dylan and the Band in the '60s, producer of major films in the 70s, creator of the Internet's first video-on-demand service in the 90s, and a cultural critic and author writing about technology in the new millennium. His is a lifetime marked not only by good timing but by impeccable instincts-from the folk scene to Woodstock, Hollywood's rebellious film movement, and beyond.