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Blowing up Ukraine: The Return of Russian Terror and the Threat of World War III

Felshtinsky, Yuri
How the KGB has plotted with mounting violence since 1999 to subdue the Ukrainians and how the population resisted through "Maidan" revolutions and what they mean to global stability.

The Reluctant Yogi: A Sane Guide to the Practice that Can Change Your Life

McKay, Carla
Like many people Carla McKay thought that yoga sounded a bit too good to be true, and a bit to happy, and to bit too much for skinny yummie mummies. Things changed, however, when a friend persuaded her to give it try for a laugh after she separated from her husband.

Great Skin: What the Beauty Industry Doesn't Necessarily Tell You

van Lotringen, Ingeborg
A must-have beauty guide to beautiful skin by Cosmpolitan beauty editor and Daily Mail columnist Ingeborg van Lotringen.

New Elites: A Career in the Masses

Walden, George
For the first time in British history, both major political parties are controlled by what are inverted elites: well-born, privately educated men (mostly) who affect populist attitudes.

Time to Emigrate?: Pre- and Post-Brexit Britain

Walden, George
A gripping analysis of pre- and post-Brexit Britain