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Silent Pictures Inner City / Pictiúir Thostacha Lár na Cathrach

Two Dubliners, next-door neighbours from Finglas, investigate and respond to their native city. Browne with his brushes, paints, and colour pigments, and Ó Coigligh with his pen, and his haiku poems each with a 17 syllable pattern (5+7+5). Two languages, Irish and English. Words and water-colours complementing each other. Inner-city streets, alleyways, tired shop façades, walls and many windows. What lies behind them? In most of the paintings, these urban spaces are infused by sunlight. Browne and Ó Coigligh invite us to look into this ‘haunted ink bottle’ full of sadness and light. The book features 28 paintings and essays by Maebh O'Regan and Ciarán Ó Coigligh.

Blind Dogs : A Personal History

Kane, Michael
An autobiographical book by a leading Irish painter reflecting on life in Dublin and elsewhere from the 1950's on.