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How to Sleep: A Natural Method: eight easy-to-use techniques for falling asleep

Ford, Lucinda
Eight simple techniques to calm the mind and allow sleep to come. Describes how to use meditation, mindfulness and CBT practices to prevent negative thoughts and calm a racing mind.

The Maiden of Florence

Mezzacappa, Katherine
Florence, 1584. Rumours are spreading about the virility of a prince marrying into the Medici family. Orphan Giulia, innocent to the part she must play, is chosen to put an end to the gossip. Years later, Giulia has found happiness and freedom. But when a threat arrives from a sinister figure from her youth, she must take control of her own life.

How to Be Published: A guide to traditional and self-publishing and how to choose between them

Morrison, Lynn
'How to Be Published' is the first book to offer an unbiased guide to the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, along with all the myriad options in between - helping an author navigate the complex world of publishing and find the best path for them, their book and their writing aspirations.

Voting Day

O'Dea, Clare
In February 1959, Switzerland held a referendum on women's suffrage. The men voted 'no'. In this powerful novella, Clare O'Dea explores that moment in history through the eyes of four very different Swiss women, whose paths intersect on a day that will leave its mark on all their lives.