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Dicjess & Valkyrie - Two Little Cats


The Little Sunflower Seed

Keaveney, Dolores
Granny loves gardening and when her two grandchildren visit her she sometimes pots some flower seeds with them. On one such visit they went on a trip to a garden centre where they noticed a competition to grow the tallest sunflower. They were intrigued and bought a packet of sunflower seeds to take part. When they were sowing the seeds they discovered a very tiny seed and thought that it was way too small to plant, but Granny decided to give it a chance. So they planted it and nurtured it with water and plenty of songs and lots of love. All through the summer the seeds grew and after taking a holiday Granny and the children came home to see a riot of colour and some of the tallest sunflowers they had ever seen. The tallest of all was the tiny seed that they reluctantly had sown. They entered it in the competition and it won. They were so happy because the bees had plenty of pollen to eat and collect, the family had plenty of lovely seeds to eat and later on in the year the birds had food to eat all winter long. The lesson from the story is the smallest can be the greatest.