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Don't Look Left: A Diary of Genocide

Abu Saif, Atef
On October 7, Israeli territory around the Erez border of Gaza Strip was invaded in a surprise attack by Hamas's Al Qassam Brigades. In response to this, the people of Gaza have been subjected to nearly three months of wholesale genocide.

Europa28: Writing by Women on the Future of Europe

Cleave, Sarah
This anthology brings together 28 acclaimed women writers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs from across the continent to offer new perspectives on the future of Europe, and how it might be rebuilt.

Settling the World: Selected Stories 1970-2020

Harrison, M. John
This selection of stories, drawn from over 50 years of writing by acclaimed New Wave pioneer and author M. John Harrison, is replete with fissures and portals into parallel dimensions, and follows backstreet occultists, amateur philosophers, down-and-outs or refugees, building worlds both unreal and all-too real.