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Baudrillard, Jean
New edition of this classic study of the US, with a new introduction by Geoff Dyer.

Ho Chi Minh Down With Colonialism

Bello, Walden
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), the founder of the Vietminh and President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, was the archetypical Communist and anti-colonial revolutionary of the twentieth century. Part of the "Revolutions" series, this volume shows why Ho Chi Minh should be read by anti-colonialists the world over.

Automation and the Future of Work

Benanav, Aaron
Consensus-shattering account of automation technologies and labour-market malfunctions.

One-Way Street: And Other Writings

Benjamin, Walter
Classic collection of Walter Benjamin's essay, including some of his most celebrated essays


Berger, John
New edition: A Personal History of Art from the author of Ways of Seeing

The Corona Crash: How the Pandemic Will Change Capitalism

Blakeley, Grace
Free market, competitive capitalism is dead. The separation between politics and economics can no longer be sustained.


Browne, Harry
Scathing and hilarious takedown of a frontman for the rich and powerful

Castro/ The Declarations Of Havana

Castro, Fidel
In response to the American administration's attempt to isolate Cuba, Fidel Castro delivered a series of speeches designed to radicalize Latin American society. This book provides an analysis of the relevance of Castro's message.

The Spoils of War: Power, Profit and the American War Machine

Cockburn, Andrew
Why Does America Go to War?

War in the Age of Trump: The Defeat of Isis, the Fall of the Kurds, the Conflict with Iran

Cockburn, Patrick
Trump in the Middle East: Chaos or Retreat?

This is Not Normal: The Collapse of Liberal Britain

Davies, William
What just happened and how did we get into this mess?

Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties

Davis, Mike
A magisterial, kaleidoscopic, riveting movement history of Los Angeles in the sixties.