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Draw Amazing Manga Characters: A Drawing Exercise Book for Beginners - Learn the Secrets of Japanese Illustrators (Learn 81 Poses; Over 850 illustrations)

Set your manga characters in motion! Draw Amazing Manga Characters combines the strengths, talents, and perspectives of five different manga artists over 81 lessons that increase in detail and complexity. Key building blocks allow you to progress as you move through the book and "Take a Closer Look" sidebars offer tips so developing artists can avoid frustrating obstacles and roadblocks.

The Girl from Wudang

Caldas, PJ
From Emmy-winner, Brazilian best-seller PJ Caldas, comes a story about immortality, martial arts and AI that will make you change the way you look at life, science, and the crazy times we are living in.

Judo Formal Techniques: A Basic Guide to Throwing and Grappling

Draeger, Donn F.
Judo Formal Techniques is The most detailed explanation of Judo that has ever been published (The Japan Times). A comprehensive training manual to the basic free practice forms of Kodokan Judo (the Randori no Kata), the book provides essential instruction in the throwing and grappling kata (Nage no Kata and Katame no Kata) that every Judo practitioner needs to master.

Outsider: The Life And Work Of Lafc

Kemme, Steve