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Nomad Girl: My Adventures with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lee Hooker, the Dalai Lama and More

Ash, Niema
Nomad Girl is a memoir, it is about the 60s, the decade that wanted to change the world, and it did. It is about 'The Finjan', a folk/blues music club I ran with my partner in Montreal - the coffee house/music club culture being at the heart of the 'changing times'.

Rosie the Daisy: A Story True

Chambers, Meadhbh
Meadhbh Chambers provides an avenue for adults to approach crucially important conversation with young people about sharing thoughts, feelings and worries. A powerful resource that has been tried and tested, this book will lead children to naturally refer to themselves and compare themselves to Rosie and equip them with the tools they need to be able to ask for help when needed.


Crawford, David G H
This book explains David's radical new theory of seeing gravity as the concentric force difference between dark energy and neutron charged mass. To finally understand what gravity is will open the world to many advances - in which concentric gravity, once realised, can be utilised in many environmentally friendly ways.

Keep Your Hopes and Dreams Alive

Davison-Ward, Michelle
Are you feeling anxious, stressed or lost? You are not the only one! "Keep your hopes and dreams alive" is a self-help book to help you rekindle that tiny ember of your hopes and dreams, as life takes its toll on you.

Barney and Molly

Duffy, Martin
The original 'Barney and Molly: A True Dublin Love Story' was published in 2006, but the author continued his research into family history and now presents the definitive edition with additional information on the Duffy and Dowdall lines dating back to the times of the Great Famine.

Becoming St. Patrick: His Slavery

Foster, Eric
Snatched from his life of luxury by raiders, Patricius, a teenage member of the Roman-British ruling classes, is bundled into one of many boats, along with scores more captives; bound for a slave-market in Ireland where a sheep-farming king buys him.

In Search of You: Letters to a Daughter

Freeman, Patsy
Death and dying are issues that cause most people in the Western world to catch their breath and change the subject, yet Patsy Freeman's chronicle In Search of You: Letters to a Daughter, as she writes letters to her daughter before and after her death, is a compelling page turner.

One More Mountain

Frost, Caroline
Caroline and her husband Allister were in Covent Garden, on a cold November night in 2009, when they made a life changing decision. They would put everything they owned into storage, buy some rucksacks, and take a trip around the world for a year.

Vis-Ability: Raising Awareness of Vision Impairment

Griggs, Vicki L
Meet Vicki. Diagnosed with a rare eye condition aged four, she embarked on a rollercoaster journey of life with a disability. Describing the difficulties that she encountered at school and as she entered adulthood, Vis-Ability strives to raise awareness of vision impairment.

The Backward Glance: A Miscellany of Irish History, Politics and Culture

Haddick-Flynn, Kevin
The Backward Glance: A Miscellany of Irish History, Politics & Culture is a rare bird. It deals with topics of Irish political and cultural history which have only received sparse and spasmodic attention.

Orangeism: A Historical Profile

Haddick-Flynn, Kevin
Orangeism: A Historical Profile traces the Orange movement from its pre-Reformation beginnings in the French principality of Orange, to its role in 21st century Ulster. This narrative history offers a lucid account which explains how the Orange tradition took root and developed.

In Search of Dr Tancred from Cork: The 'Joyous Adventurer' of the Old Cape Parliament

Hall, Bernard
I grew up hearing tales of a great-great grandfather, a Catholic man of the cloth from Cork who eloped with a nun. As a child I found ancestors dead-boring, living relations bad enough.