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101 Reasons Why Cork is Better than Dublin

Fitzpatrick, Pat
It's time for a new take on the Cork vs Dublin rivalry. Cork is more kefir cocktails than Tanora these days; Dublin reckons it's like Berlin because it has two intersecting tram lines. This book takes a 21st century look at the two places, asking who's got the better statues, food, airport, characters, pubs, views and more, answering Cork every time.

101 Reasons Why Ireland Is Better Than England

Fitzpatrick, Pat
This tongue-in-cheek sweep across the two nations is aimed at Irish people, wherever they live, not to mention the 10 million English people who move over here after Brexit. With our neighbour losing its marbles, there has never been a better time to exact revenge for the two most despicable things that England has ever inflicted on the Irish

16 Dead Men: The Easter Rising Executions

Ryan, Anne-Marie
The lives of all the executed leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising in one volume

1916: The Long Revolution

Keogh, Dermot
Seeks to interpret the events of Easter Week 1916 as the central defining event of a 'long revolution' in Irish history. This book states that the origins of the long revolution lie in the second half of the nineteenth century, and its legacy continued to play out in the first years of the twenty-first century.

2016 A New Proclamation for a New Generation

O'Neill, Gerard
An innovative re-appraisal of the 1916 Proclamation for twenty-first century Ireland

A Conspiracy of Lies

Connolly, Frank
Three big bangs shook Dublin in May 1974. Angie and Joe meet in the wake of the single worst atrocity of the Troubles. Brought together by the effect of the bombings on their lives, these two young people set out on a quest to discover who is responsible, facing confrontation with dark forces in Irish and British society.

A Happy Type of Sadness:: A Journey Through Irish Country Music

Martin, Kevin
A comprehensive and positive account of the history of Country and Irish music.

A History of the Easter Rising in 50 Objects

Gibney, John
For 100 years objects left behind from 1916 have borne silent witness to the events of Easter Week - this book tells their stories and uses them in a unique way to cast light on many of the lesser-known elements of the Rising and provide plenty of new information for the enthusiast.

A Quick Cuppa Herbal

O Nuallain, Fiann
Medical botanist and wellness guru Fiann Ó'Nualláin's guide to making the perfect Herbal Tea to suit your ailment.

A Rebel Act: Michael Hartnett's Farewell to English

Walsh, Pat
Literary biography of the controversial Irish poet Michael Hartnett, which investigates the background to, and outcome of, his decision to give up writing in English.

A Short History of Dublin

Boran, Pat
This account is a canter through Dublin in all the ages of prehistory and history: Viking, medieval and capital of the colonized Ireland. Many of the events to which Dublin was host were tragic but the city had its eras of glory which the author charts with affection.

A Short History of Ireland

McMahon, Sean
This concise and even-handed account presents the history of Ireland since the earliest times.