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Postsecondary Educational Opportunities for Students with Special Education Needs

Coleman, Mary Ruth
This book offers information, insights, and guidance to support students with special educational needs within the postsecondary environment. It was originally published as a special issue of European Journal of Special Needs Education.

Katherine Philips: Form, Reception, and Literary Contexts

Coolahan, Marie-Louise (National Univers
This book analyses the work of the literary pioneer Katherine Phillips. It includes literary-historical analyses of her use of form and genre, as well as theoretical, archipelagic and digital humanities approaches to her work. This book was first published as two special issues of Women's Writing.

Early Modern Ireland: New Sources, Methods, and Perspectives (Countries in the Early Modern World)

Covington, Sarah
Early Modern Ireland: New Sources, Methods, and Perspectives offers fresh approaches and case studies that push the field of early modern Ireland, and of British and European history more generally, into unexplored directions.

Greek Mythology for Teens: Classic Myths in Today's World

Hamby, Zachary
Greek Mythology for Teens takes classical mythology to a new level by relating ancient stories to the culture, history, art, and literature of today.

Fitting the Human: Introduction to Ergonomics / Human Factors Engineering, Seventh Edition

Kroemer, Karl H.E. (Virginia Polytechnic

Global Terrorism

Lutz, James
Revised edition of the authors' Global terrorism, 2013.

Youth Sport, Migration and Culture: Two Football Teams and the Changing Face of Ireland

Mauro, Max
This book emphasizes that research should be done with rather than on young people. Engaging with the social changes in Irish society through the eyes of the first children of immigrants growing up in Ireland, it offers a compelling analysis of how ideas of race and racism emerge and are elaborated in the field of youth sport.

Keys Of The Kingdom


Contemporay Society An Introduction

Perry, John

Scientific Protocols for Forensic Examination of Clothing

Taupin, Jane Moira
Describes the forensic examination of clothing in criminal cases. This title examines the ramifications of DNA profiling and its effect on the screening approach to clothing examination. It covers topics such as: protocols, procedures, and philosophy; preliminary assessment; examination; testing and sampling; and, quality assurance and control.