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Family Scrapbook

Create memorable vintage scrapbook page in just minutes! The brand-new

Classic Supernatural Stories

Authors, Various
This volume features 25 tales of the uncanny and macabre regarded to be among the finest weird tales in the English language.

Chinese Myths and Folk Tales

Barnes & Noble
This collection of Chinese myths and folk tales draws on the rich folklore of Chinese culture.

Wizard of Oz (Barnes & Noble Collectible Classics: Omnibus Edition): The First Five Novels

Baum, L. Frank
The Wizard of Oz: The First Five Novels is your passport to this marvellous realm and wonders that have enchanted readers young and old for more than a century. This volume includes: 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', 'The Marvelous Land of Oz', 'Ozma of Oz', 'Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz', 'The Road to Oz'.

Bronte Sisters Three Novels

Bronte, Charlotte
The Bronte family was a literary phenomenon unequalled before or since. Both Charlotte's "Jane Eyre" and Emily's "Wuthering Heights" have won lofty places in the pantheon and stirred the romantic sensibilities of generations of readers. This title unites these two favourites.

Five Novels-charles Dickes

Dickens, Charles
Brings together five of Charles Dickens' best-known novels: "Oliver Twist", "A Christmas Carol", "David Copperfield", "Great Expectations" and "A Tale of Two Cities".

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson (Barnes & Noble Collectible Classics: Pocket Edition)

Dickinson, Emily
This attractive collection gathers more than 150 of her memorable works. Featuring insights about nature, love, life, death and immortality, these poems are among the best loved in English literature.

Notre-Dame de Paris: History, Art, and Revival from 1163 to Tomorrow

Felix, Antonia
This stunning photographic tribute to one of the world's most beloved treasures pays tribute to Notre-Dame in the wake of the tragic fire that nearly destroyed it.

Time for a Hug

Gershator, Phillis
This feel-good story assures kids there's plenty of love to go around the clock. From the moment Little Bunny wakes up in the morning until the moon comes out and the stars shine, every hour includes a warm hug from Big Bunny.

New York Times Book of Mathematics

Kolata, Gina
Suitable for any maths and science enthusiast, this title gathers more than 110 articles written from 1892 to 2010 that cover statistics, coincidences, chaos theory, cryptography and many other topics.