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The Centre Brain: Unleashing Your Persuasive Power

Adams, Steve
A dynamic, popular-level book that invites readers to discover why some communication works (and why some does not!) and inspire them to make the most of the messages on their hearts.

Catholic Children's Bible, Schools' Edition: English Standard Version - Catholic Edition

The ESV-CE published by SPCK has been approved by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, and Scotland, as the basis for the new Lectionary (2022) and all future liturgical texts used by Catholics.

The Future of Brexit Britain: Anglican Reflections on National Identity and European Solidarity

Chaplin, Jonathan
How should British national identity be understood in the light of the UK's decision to leave the European Union?

John Henry Newman: A Very Brief History

Duffy, Professor Eamon
What do we know about John Henry Newman? And why does it matter?

The Tale of Three Trees

Elwell Hunt, Angela
New, larger format paperback edition of charming folktale with million-copy sales record

Isaac Finds a Wife

Frank, Penny
God carries out his promise to help his chosen people found a nation by guiding Isaac in finding a wife.

Joseph and the King of Egypt

Frank, Penny
Recounts how Joseph saved God's people from the famine after his brothers had sold him into slavery in Egypt.

Let My People Go!

Frank, Penny
Retells the story of the Israelite leader Moses, as found in Exodus.

The Battle of Jericho

Frank, Penny
Retells the Biblical story in which Joshua led God's chosen people in the conquest of Jericho and thereby entered the Promised Land.

Elijah Asks for Bread

Frank, Penny
An illustrated retelling of the Old Testament story of the prophet Elijah and his attempts to turn the Israelites back to God.

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Frank, Penny
Retells the Old Testament story of the prophet Elijah, whose task was to turn the Israelites back to God.

Enemies All Around

Frank, Penny
A retelling of the Old Testament story of how King Hezekiah of Israel trusted God and how God protected his kingdom from enemies.