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Fine, Michael
A former director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, Michael Fine has been a writer, community organizer, family physician, and public health official for more than 40 years. In addition to his book Health Care Revolt, he has published widely in the medical literature, mostly about health policy. He served as a medical officer for Kenya and worked as a volunteer during the Liberian Civil War, the subject of Abundance, his first novel.


Hoffman, Cara
Cara Hoffman's short fictions are brutal, surreal, hilarious, and transgressive, celebrating the sharp beauty of outsiders and the infinitely creative ways humans muster psychic resistance under oppressive conditions. The ultimate effect of these ten interconnected stories is one of invigoration and a sense of possibilities hope for a new world extracted from the rubble of the old.

God's Teeth And Other Phenomena

Kelman, James
Proctor's tour of rural places, pubs, theaters, fancy parties, where he is to be headlining as a 'Banker-Prize-Winning-Author' reads like a literary version of Spinal Tap. Uproariously funny, brilliantly philosophical, gorgeously written this is James Kelman at his best.

Keep Moving and No Questions

Kelman, James
James Kelman's inimitable voice brings the stories of lost men to light in these twenty one tales of down on their luck antiheroes who wander, drink, hatch plans, ponder existence, and survive in an unwelcoming and often comic world.

The Blast

Matthews, Joseph

Utopias Of The Third Kind

Singh, Vandana
'Arctic Sky' tells of a young climate activist who discovers her own courage in the frozen depths of a Russian prison.