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Brine To Ocean Blue

Codd, Jonathan
Drawing on twenty eight years of the life-experience, the author explores a range of emotive issues.

Racing Round Ireland: A Miscellany

Drew, Fred

Crossing The Blue Line

Dreyer, Dympna
In this collection of poems you will find explorations of the magic of childhood, of family history and of difficult personal times that are always interlaced with humour.

Liffeys Royal Blue

Dunne, Frank
Some of the stories poems and prose like the dockworkers might be considered a bit rough and the ballads probably come in to the same category' so when you are finished reading this book of life on the Dublin docks' check between your toes for coal dust.


Farrell, Genevieve

Learning to Love Ireland: An Immigrant's Tale

Farren, Althea
In 2007 Althea and her husband Larry left Zimbabwe, a country where the skies are cornflower blue, where the sun shines most of the time and where every longed-for thunderstorm brings welcome rain.

Down A Million On The Dole

Leddy, Hugh
This story encapsulates the Celtic Tiger madness at its best and the horrific results, but how a positive mind-set coupled with a strong work ethic can pave the way to a brighter future in the years ahead.

Fateful Decisions

O'Dowd, Enid
A story of two decisions with devastating consequences unfolds through the eyes of Molly, recently widowed, who has lost her unborn child after a fall. What starts as an understandable diversion becomes an obsession

Childhoods Wounded Heart

Regan, Lewis
A collection of poetry which draws on a lifetime of experience and makes a direct appeal to the readers senses. It reflects the changes that are happening within the author's own world and the world as a whole.


Russell, Arthur
1314 AD - The aftermath of Bannockburn. Ireland has become the target of Robert deBruce's ambition to create a 'Celtic Empire of the West'.

Crossroads Of The Mind

Sexton, John A.
A collection of poetry which draws on a lifetime of experience and makes a direct appeal to the readers senses.

Hollywood on the Tiber

Somers, Kieran
"Bright lights. Awards and film festivals. Glittering premieres." It's never been that kind of life for Max Pellegrino, a little-known Italian actor who plies his trade in the dubbing industry and secretly pines for a film career that has never been realised.