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My First Book of Irish Vehicles

Discover things that go with this fun and engaging baby board book. My First Book of Irish Vehicles is filled with different kinds of transport from bikes to trucks and boats to planes and everything in between. Babies will learn to recognise the vehicles moving around them with this compact book.

My First Book Of Irish Wildlife

Discover creatures big and small with this fun and engaging baby board book. My First Book of Irish Animals is filled with different kinds of wildlife from the hedgerows and woodlands to skies and seas. Babies will learn to recognise native Irish animals with this compact book.

My First Book of Ireland

Shamrock, harp, hurley, tin whistle, cottage, castle: it's all here. Introduce iconic Irish symbols with this fun and engaging baby board book, filled with pictures of traditional Irish instruments, food, and icons from all over the country. Babies will learn to recognise popular Irish objects with this compact book.

The Aran Islands: At the Edge of the World

Inishmore, Inishmaan, Inisheer: wild, isolated, starkly beautiful and of great historical importance. A comprehensive, beautifully illustrated introduction to and lasting memento of these unique islands.

My First Book of Irish Bugs

Ladybird, butterfly, snail, grasshopper, spider, fly. Introduces the youngest readers to the tiny creatures that creep, crawl, wriggle and fly all over Ireland!

Black Mountain: and other stories

Adams, Gerry
In this collection, one of Ireland's best-known political figures brings us stories of politics, of family, of love and of friendship. These are portraits of Ireland, and especially Belfast, old and new, in times of struggle and in times of peace, showing how our past is always part of our present.

Before the Dawn: An Autobiography

Adams, Gerry
Gerry Adams offers his own unique, intimate account of the early years of his career, from his childhood in working-class Belfast to the more turbulent years of social activism that followed. Updated with new introduction and epilogue covering the huge changes in Irish society since the Good Friday Agreement.

The New Ireland: A Vision for the Future

Adams, Gerry
A unique political manifesto at a crucial moment from the leading figure in Irish Republicanism. Adams outlines the challenge of transforming Irish society through a vision of self-determination and sovereignty, inclusiveness and equality.

Strawberry Squirt

Aggs, Patrice
Strawberry Squirt is a great game, but the rabbits don't want Short Legs to play. Panda 27

Ducks in Trouble

Aggs, Patrice
On the farm, some very strange noises are keeping the farmer awake!

Marooned in Manhattan

Agnew, Sheila
After Evie Brooks' mother dies, she is forced to go live with her uncle Scott, a vet in New York City: between the pets, their owners, Scott and his lawyer girlfriend, the Summer quickly becomes a whirlwind of change and activity!

Central Park Showdown

Agnew, Sheila
With the arrival of her father from Australia, Evie's life is thrown into turmoil. Not only has she to contend with a new woman in Scott's life, but now she has to face the prospect of a custody battle between her uncle and her father. Can Evie's friends rally and convince her father to withdraw his application for custody?