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1014: Brian Boru and the Battle for Ireland

Llywelyn, Morgan
The date was Good Friday, April 23rd in the Year of Our Lord 1014. The most ferocious battle ever fought in Ireland was about to begin... Read about the life of Brian Boru and the battle that changed the course of Irish history in this exciting and accessible account.

16 Lives Edward Daly

Litton, Helen
Edward Daly is one of the legendary revolutionaries who participated in the 1916 Easter Rising. Less has been known about Daly until now; in this intimate and fascinating account, Helen Litton traces Edward 'Ned' Daly's life from childhood to commander within the Volunteers.

16 Lives James Connolly

Collins, Lorcan
James Connolly (1868-1916) was one of the leaders in Ireland's quest for freedom from British rule in 1916. This biography is an accurate and well-researched portrayal both of the man and the uprising. Part of the Sixteen Lives series of biographies of all sixteen men executed for their role in the rebellion.

16 Lives Joseph Plunkett

O Brolchain, Honor
Joseph Mary Plunkett (1887-1916) from Dublin was one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, the designer of the military plan and the youngest signatory of the Proclamation. A recognised poet, he was already dying of TB when, aged 28, he married Grace Gifford in Kilmainham Gaol, just hours before he was exectuted on May 4th, 1916.

16 Lives Michael O'Hanrahan

Kostick, Conor
Biography of Michael O'Hanrahan, one of the leaders of Ireland's 1916 Rising. A journalist, novelist and fierce nationalist, he was quartermaster of the Irish Volunteers, in charge of getting and managing many of the arms used in the rebellion.

16 LIVES Patrick Pearse

O'Donnell, Ruan
Part of the 16Lives series, this biography examines the life of Patrick Pearse, a major figure in the 1916 Rising.

16 Lives Sean MacDiarmada

Feeney, Brian
An accessible biography about Sean MacDiarmada, a leader in the 1916 Rising. Book six in the '16 Lives' series.

1916: The Rising Handbook

Collins, Lorcan
A handbook to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising. This '1916 bible' will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in recent Irish history who wants to separate the facts from the fiction.


Lensmen Photographic Archives
Ireland's premier photographers, The Lensmen, captured the essence of life in Ireland during the 1970s in their stunning and thought provoking images. This collection offers a fascinating insight into the cultural and political events of the decade.

20 Things to Do in Dublin Before You Go for a Pint: A Guide to Dublin's Top Attractions

Murphy, Colin
A humorous guide to the highlights of Dublin, for native and tourist alike. A broad selection of twenty things to see from cultural highlights to distilleries, historical sites to seats of learning, all with Murphy and O'Dea's trademark humour.


Simms, George Otto
Volcanoes, icebergs, sea-monsters, strange beings - all these play a part in this ancient adventure story. Simms unravels the mysteries and wonders of Brendan's travels and explains why and how the voyage was undertaken

A 'A Bit Of A Shemozzle': GAA Quips & Quotes

O'Duffy, Martin
Packed with witty one-liners and curious quotes from pundits, players and partisans this book is sure to entertain least until the hang sangwiches are ready!