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The Immortals Of Tehran

Araghi, Ali

Big Giant Floating Head

Boucher, Christopher
Big Giant Floating Head is a story collection unlike anything you have ever read. Suddenly, everything becomes slippery; A man grows a wall inside himself; A bookstore owner meets a woman with an invisible dog.

Relentless Melt

Bushnell, Jeremy
Stranger Things meets the Golden Age of Detective fiction in a rollicking supernatural detective thriller that introduces Artie Quick, a sales assistant at Fileneā€™s in Boston, who moonlights as an amateur detective.

Oh God, The Sun Goes

Connor, David
An "indescribable marvel" (Jonathan Lethem) of a debut novel from a brilliant new voice

U Up?

Disabato, Catie

A Mind Spread Out On The Ground

Elliott, Alicia

Juliet The Maniac

Escoria, Juliet
It's 1997, and 14-year-old Juliet has it pretty good. But over the course of the next two years, she rapidly begins to unravel, finding herself in a downward trajectory of mental illness and self-destruction that eventually leads to a 'therapeutic boarding school' in rural Oregon. From there, deep in the woods of the Northwest, comes an explosive portrayal of teenage life from the perspective of The Bad Friend, and a poignant reflection that refuses the traditional recovery arc

Wolf Among Wolves

Fallada, Hans

Debt: The First 5000 Years

Graeber, David

Ghosts Of Berlin

Herzog, Rudolph

Nietzsche And The Burbs

Iyer, Lars
In a work of blistering dark hilarity, a young Nietzsche experiences life in a metal band & the tribulations of finals season in a modern secondary school.