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Less Stress More Success Music Leaving Certificate 4th Edition

Conway, Vivienne
Less Stress More Success provides all you need to get the best possible results in your exams. Here is your complete course condensed, organised and prioritised:Expert tips on how to maximise your points in the exam

Music Workbook A and CD Leaving Certificate Folens

Costello, May
This comprehensive Leaving Certificate Music Workbook covers all sections for the Listening Paper and is suitable for both higher and ordinary level students.

Sound Check ! Music at Leaving Certificate Course A (Incl. free Ebook)

Lynch, Laura
A new and comprehensive programme for Leaving Certificate Music Sound Check! is a new programme for Leaving Certi?cate Music Ordinary and Higher Level students and covers all sections of the Music Course A, including the Practical Exam.

Introduction to Sight Singing Part 1 (Aural Training)

For over fifty years, A. Forbes Milne's text has been the classic route to mastery of the art of sight-singing, an essential skill for vocalists and a most valuable study for all musicians besides. Preparing each section of carefully graded exercises in various keys with a detailed yet concise theoretical account, the author offers a thorough preliminary training in time, rhythm and pitch before proceeding to major and minor scales, groupings of rests, crotchets, quavers, semiquavers and triplets, and chromatic notes within non-modulating melodies. The method includes the so-called French time-names and Solfa note-names for those wishing to use them.