Greif and Loss

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Maia and What Matters

Mortier, Tine
Maia is an impatient little scamp, just like her grandma. When something pops into their heads, they want it now! Right away! They get along like a house on fire. One day Grandma falls ill and all her words become muddled. The grown-ups can't understand her, but Maia knows exactly what she means! A wonderful book to share with children and to treasure for years to come.

Maybe a Fox

McGhee, Alison
Worlds collide spectacularly when Newbery and National Book Award finalist Kathi Appelt and Pulitzer Prize nominee and #1 New York Times bestseller Alison McGhee team up to create a fantastical, heartbreaking and gorgeous tale about two sisters, a fox cub ... and what happens when one sister disappears.

October, October

Balen, Katya

One - Carnegie Medal Winner

Crossan, Sarah

Only One of Me - Mum

Wells, Lisa


Condie, Ally

The Afterwards

Harrold, A.F.

The Ammuchi Puchi

Manivannan, Sharanya
Aditya and Anjali love listening to their grandmother's stories, particularly the scary one about the ghost in the tree. But the night their grandmother passes away, all her stories seem to lose their meaning. Then something happens that is more mysterious and magical than any story. Could their grandmother still be with them after all?

The Grand Wolf

McDonald, Avril
Wolfgang and his friends love to visit the Grand Wolf but one day they arrive to find that he has gone and this makes them all feel very sad.

The Land of Neverendings

Saunders, Kate
'Come on, you two - it's nice and warm in here.' What if there exists a world powered by imagination? A world of silliness, where humans and their toys live on long after they've left the Hard World .

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

Larwood, Kieran
Winner of the Best Story Blue Peter Book Award 2017 A thick white blanket covers the wide slopes of the band of hills known as the Razorback Downs . With danger all around them, Podkin must protect his family, uncover his destiny, and attempt to defeat the most horrifying enemy rabbitkind has ever known.

The List of Real Things

Moore Fitzgerald, Sarah
A poignant and big-hearted story about love, loss and believing in the magic of the imagination. The fourth novel from bestselling Waterstones Children's Book Prize shortlisted author Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, following BACK TO BLACKBRICK, THE APPLE TART OF HOPE and A VERY GOOD CHANCE.