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Sharon And My Mother-In-Law: Ramallah Diaries

Amiry, Suad
Suad Amiry has lived on the West Bank since the early eighties - this is her wonderful and blackly funny account of the absurdity (and agony) of life in the Occupied Territories.

The Godless Gospel: Was Jesus A Great Moral Teacher?

Baggini, Julian
Do Jesus's teachings add up to a coherent moral system, still relevant today? From the Sunday Times bestselling author of How the World Thinks.

How the World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy

Baggini, Julian
The first ever global overview of philosophy: how it developed around the world and impacted the cultures in which it flourished, now in paperback.

The Pig that Wants to Be Eaten: And 99 Other Thought Experiments

Baggini, Julian
The long-awaited reissue of this Granta Books backlist classic: a collection of short, accessible philosophical quandaries to stimulate, challenge and entertain!

The Ego Trick

Baggini, Julian
'In this entertaining, educative and gracefully written book, Julian Baggini explores the questions of the nature of the self and in what sense it persists through time ... This is one of the best, most readable and most stimulating introductions yet written about this intriguing topic' - AC Grayling

Such Small Hands

Barba, Andres
A dark uncanny jolt of literary perfection.


Barkham, Patrick (Y)
An enticing exploration of the smallest islands of the British Isles from the award-winning, bestselling author of The Butterfly Isles.

Study for Obedience

Bernstein, Sarah
A powerful, compressed masterwork that explores questions of complicity, power and devotion

In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss

Bloom, Amy
An astonishing and brave memoir of life, love, and assisted death, from the author of White Houses.

Granta 18

Boyd, William

Granta 47

This collection of writing includes pieces by Martin Amis, Neil Steinberg, Julian Barnes and Eugene Richards.