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100 First Irish Words Sticker Book

100 First Irish Words is an interactive first word book for young people to learn 100 Irish words, with over 200 stickers to aid them.

100 Greatest Moments in Irish History

Gallagher, Tara
From the earliest settlements at Mount Sandel around 7000 BC to the first meeting of the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2007, the book introduces the great moments in Irish history to children.

15-Minute Parenting: The Quick and Easy Way to Connect with Your Child

Parenting expert Joanna Fortune shows how 15 minutes of mindful play a day can drastically improve the parent-child relationship.

1798: An Illustrated History

Keogh, Daire
Focusing on the events of 1798, this text traces the origins and development of Irish nationalism, including the creation of the United Irish and Defender movements and the foundation of the Orange Order in the 1790s. It is published to coincide with the bicentennary anniversary of the 1798 rising.

1847: A Chronicle of Genius, Generosity and Savagery

Bunbury, Turtle
Rediscover the events, characters and pioneering spirit that helped create the modern world in 1847, this eclectic collection of events, stories and character portraits.

1922: The Birth of Irish Democracy

Garvin, Tom
Examines the birth of the Irish state and sets it in its European historical context.

50 Years of UTV

Anderson, Don
Ulster Television was granted a programme contract by Britain`s Independent Television Authority (ITA) in the late 1950s. It had been argued within the ITA that allowing a television company for a little area of only one and a half million people was an invitation to failure. This was to be the smallest TV company they had ever tried.


O Nuallain, Fiann
Fiann O'Nuallain brings old Irish proverbs to life for the present generation. Each proverb is carefully chosen to speak directly to the worries and stresses that have become part of modern life. Combined with mindfulness exercises the author offers a new set of tools for mindful living, psychological wellbeing and spiritual awareness.

A City in Civil War: Dublin 1921-1924

Yeates, Padraig
The long-awaited conclusion to Padraig Yeates's Dublin Trilogy, A City in Civil War tells the story of Dublin's troubled passage to independence amidst the acrimony and upheaval of the Civil War.

A City in Turmoil: Dublin 1919-1921

Yeates, Padraig
In A City in Turmoil Padraig Yeates takes up the story from the end of the First World War covered in A City in Wartime.

A Dictionary of Hiberno English

Dolan, Terence Patrick
A unique and scholarly reference book on Hiberno-English - the form of English commonly spoken in Ireland, with a new introduction by Blindboy Boatclub.

A History of County Galway

Galway is the second largest county in Ireland and the largest in the province of Connacht, both in area and population. Peadar O'Dowd's interesting history traces its political, administrative, social and economic developments over the centuries.