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Prague 1938

The streets of Prague take centre stage in this smorgasbord of a novel: coming-of-age, familial upheaval, political unrest, artistic intrigue, rag order existence, the folly of youthful infatuation, the warp and woof of flight to a new world; and all of it played out under the looming shadow of war, of a world approaching the precipice. This is elegant, vibrant and read-on storytelling at its very best." – Alan McMonagle


Kavanagh, Dara
Imagine if Flann O’Brien, with a little help from James Joyce, had rewritten Alice in Wonderland or Laurence Sterne had sent Don Quixote on a voyage alongside Lemuel Gulliver — then you have entered the world of Jabberwock, an anarchic novel full of delights and fromulous pleasures.

Le Fanu's Angel

Keogh, Brian
Le Fanu’s Angel is a novel full of excitement, mystery and the unexpected. It is a literary delight set in both historic and contemporary Dublin, with its vibrant business and social life, and hidden underworld of vice and crime.

A Mind of Winter

Smith, Eoghan
A bitter January day on the outskirts of a small Irish university town, and Fox, a reclusive researcher, has just received a phone call. His former girlfriend Clara has brought word that his mentor and love rival Stoyte is gravely ill and, what's more, the dying man has some final things he needs to say. Now Fox must set out through the snow and ice to reckon with the ghosts of the past.