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Nature Neighbours

Dale, Jay

Mr Kazarian, Alien Librarian

Foxe, Steve
All of the children love Mr Kazarian the librarian. What they don't know is that Mr K is actually an alien, sent to Earth to study the habits of these bizarre creatures called humans. When four of his pupils discover his human hologram disguise, Mr K's research is in jeopardy ... A science-fiction graphic adventure with lots of actual science!

Harold Hickok Had the Hiccups

Greathouse, Justin
Harold Hickok has the hiccups. Hillary Hunn hopes to help halt them. How? With hopping, howling and hooting, of course!

Extraordinary Landmarks: The Science of How and Why They Were Built

Howell, Izzi
You can probably recognize some of the world's most famous landmarks. Go behind the scenes to investigate how and why these famous landmarks were built. Extraordinary Landmarks will leave you with a better understanding and a greater appreciation for these amazing structures.

Robinson Crusoe

Powell, Martin
Young Robinson Crusoe has grown bored with life, so he runs away from home to travel the world. Robinson awakens to find the ship destroyed and the entire crew dead. All alone on a deserted island, Robinson prepares for a life of solitude only to come face to face with pirates, hungry cannibals and a new friend.

Football Slowdown

Smith, Elliott

Batman The Dark Knight: Danger on Deck!

Sonneborn, Scott
A charity cruise filled with GOTHAM'S wealthiest citizens has been boarded by not one but two groups of hijackers! Outnumbered and out of his element, BATMAN will have to find a way to play one group of crooks against the other, or they'll all go down with the ship.

Space Exploration

Spilsbury, Louise

Killer Croc of Doom!

Sutton, Laurie S.
BATMAN finds hundreds of mutated half-human, half-crocodile zombies - along with KILLER CROC himself! He has 24 hours to find a cure, or BATMAN will become one of CROC'S reptilian zombies.