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The Philosophy of Whisky

Abbott, Billy
This book will take you to whisky landmarks all over the world, including the record-breaking Karuizawa distillery in Japan and Kavalan, the distillery that put Taiwanese whisky on the map.

Moonrise: The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures

Ashley, Mike
This anthology presents twelve short stories from the most popular magazines of the golden age of SF and includes stories by Arthur C. Clarke, Judith Merril and John Wyndham.

Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion

Barone, Juliana
Written by leading Leonardo experts from London and Florence, and accompanying a major British Library exhibition, this fascinating new book reveals the central importance of motion in Leonardo's art and thought.

The 12.30 from Croydon

Crofts, Freeman Wills
The body of a wealthy retired manufacturer, is found dead in his seat on the 12.30 flight from Croydon to Paris. Rather less orthodox is the ensuing flashback seen from the criminal's perspective. An unconventional yet gripping story of intrigue, betrayal, obsession, justification and self-delusion.

Who Killed Father Christmas?: And Other Seasonal Mysteries

Edwards, Martin
The answer to any classic crime fiction fan's Christmas wish - and the only way for you to answer Who Killed Father Christmas? - this new anthology is set to muddle, befuddle, surprise and delight.

The Gothic Tales of Sheridan Le Fanu

Fanu, J. T. Sheridan Le
Aiming to firmly position Sheridan Le Fanu alongside other canonical horror writers published by the British Library, this anthology focuses on some of his lesser-known stories, exploring eight thoroughly Gothic tales of murderous families, dark castles and ghosts whose business with the living remains unfinished.

Death Of A Bookseller

Farmer, Bernard J
This adventurous mystery, which combines exuberant characters with a wonderfully realised depiction of the second-hand book market, is sure to delight bibliophiles and classic crime enthusiasts alike.

Visions of the Vampire: Two Centuries of Immortal Tales

Fhlainn, Sorcha Ni
From John Polidori's iconic short story 'The Vampyre' and tales of parasitic female companions to experimental and freshly thrilling takes by Robert Bloch, Angela Carter and Anne Rice, this new collection sets out to present the enrapturing range of the vampire story and our undying fascination with the monster at its heart.

Atlas: A World of Maps from the British Library

Harper, Tom
Atlas is the definitive printed showcase of the British Library's extensive and unparalleled map collection.

The Pocket Detective 2: 100+ More Puzzles, Brainteasers and Conundrums

Jackson, Kate
In these pages lie the clues you will need to crack the most impenetrable of cases. Culprits lurk between the lines of word searches. Imposters are unearthed in anagrams. A keen eye and a quick wit are your best tools for eliminating the suspects in a range of puzzles, suitable for all ages and levels.

The Pocket Detective: 100+ Puzzles

Jackson, Kate
Polish off your magnifying glass and step into the shoes of your favourite detectives as you unlock tantalising clues and solve intricate puzzles. There are over 100 criminally teasing challenges to be scrutinised, including word searches, anagrams, snapshot covers, and crosswords - a favourite puzzle of crime fiction's golden age.

Shelf Life: Writers on Books and Reading

Johnson, Alex
The many facets of book-mania are pondered and celebrated with both sincerity and irreverence in this lively selection of essays, poems, lectures and commentaries ranging from the 16th to the 20th century.