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Constructing Alice

To the casual observer Alice Dalton’s life might have seemed idyllic. But in the quiet of her middle class Dublin home she lived her life with a damaged mother, an authoritarian father, rebellious brothers and warring sisters. In a bitterly divided country that is tearing itself apart, Alice’s pursuit of independence, identity and love takes her on a perilous journey through attraction, hypocrisy, courtship, and intolerance.Alice Dalton is a headstrong middle-class young Catholic woman who is determined to live life as she chooses. George Gilbert is a working class Protestant who loves his family and wants nothing more than to play his music. When Alice and George fall in love, they are thrust into a world of religious intolerance and social discrimination. Alice must combat alienation and exclusion while George fights prejudice, intolerance and the stigma of serious illness. Constructing Alice is a deeply affecting story of love against all the odds.

Witnesses to Freedom: A Day by Day Account of the Irish War of Independence in Cork

Grainger, Diarmuid
‘We were almost a self-contained republic in the 8th Battalion area.’Patrick O’Sullivan, Irish Republican Army officer, Cork 1919-1921. Based on almost seven thousand pages of witness statements collected by the Irish Army from 1947 to 1958, this book is a day by day account of the War of Independence in County Cork.

Palomino: Afrika Korps P-O-Ws Come to Town

Gunner, Tank
In 1943, 370,000 German prisoners of war arrived in America. Thousands were penned at Camp Maxey, Texas where MP Sergeant Twig Chestnutt was preparing to ship over for the invasion of Normandy. When President Roosevelt decreed that POWs work as laborers to replace American boys gone off to war, Twig is assigned as the guard for POWs Kraus, Edwin, and Wilhelm who live, work, and find love in Palomino. Appointed Constable by the Palomino town council, Twig becomes involved in the aftermath of bank robberies, murders, and town secrets.

The Eighth Ransom

Hoffman, Given
Trent Soris is an artist with a chip on his shoulder, and Ashley Rye is what Trent would describe as an annoying religious kid. When they're kidnapped with six others from across the U.S., they have nothing in common but their enemy. To survive, all eight of them will have to depend on each other. By working together, they just might prevent their ransoms from being used in an international plot that captures the attention of even the National Counterterrorism Center. But when lies test their fragile unity and even the truth holds unexpected secrets, their strengths may not be enough to save them and everyone else at risk.

The Jasper Creed

Jarvis, William
The Jasper Creed is a cunningly plotted story that is hard to put down; as engrossing as it is entertaining. You'll genuinely love the heroes while sincerely hating the villains of the drama in the small town of Jasper.

It Pays to be Irish: An Autobiography

McCarthy, Terry

Five Seconds of Dead Air: The Misadventures of Max Mason

Sisk, Charles
Called "a romance novel with machine guns"; "Five Seconds of Dead Air" brings a new "action hero" into the literary world.