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Be Quiet, Bramble!

Blathwayt, Benedict
Bramble the cow lives on an old farm where she has lots of friends. But she has a problem - she hates loud noises! She doesn't like the buzzing of bees, or the sound of the wind during a storm, or the farmer's combine harvester. And she doesn't like the rain. One night, after a heavy storm, the river floods.

Dublin : Mapping the City

Brady, Joseph
Maps are essential tools in finding our way around, but they also tell stories and are great depositories of information. Through a carefully chosen selection of maps, the book traces the growth and development of Dublin from the early seventeenth century to the present day, offering a fascinating snap-shot of how the city has changed over time.

A Sword for Christ: The Republican Era in Great Britain and Ireland

Cobb, Jonathan
Drawing on the latest research and established sources, A Sword for Christ offers a new and stimulating perspective on the 15-year period between 1645 and 1660, when Oliver Cromwell attempted to create a new type of 'Godly' state after the execution of Charles I.

Six Wounds

Cry, Morgan
The second book in Morgan Cry's sun-soaked crime thriller series set in Spain's Costa Blanca. When a brawl in Daniella Coulstoun's bar results in a dead body being discovered in the cellar, Daniella finds herself framed for murder.

Children of the Dead End

MacGill, Patrick
First published in 1914, Children of the Dead End was a hugely popular and influential book on release. This autobiographical novel provides a fascinating window to the past with vivid descriptions of the lives of itinerant workers of just a century ago.

Queen Macbeth: Darkland Tales

McDermid, Val
In the fifth book in the critically acclaimed Darkland Tales series from Polygon Val McDermid plunges into medieval Scotland. Overturning Shakespeare's propaganda, the reader will encounter a new Lady Macbeth amidst a web of vicious intrigue.

The Wars of the Bruces: Scotland, England and Ireland 1306 - 1328

McNamee, Colm
Packed with detail and written with a strong and involving narrative thread, this is the first book to link up the various theatres of war and discuss the effect of the wars of the Bruces outside Scotland.

For Any Other Truth: A DCI Daley Thriller (Book 9) - The Brand New Must-Read D.C.I. Daley Bestseller

Meyrick, Denzil
For Any Other Truth is a thrilling mystery where retired terrorists, radical environmental groups and the secret service violently collide; the ninth instalment in the bestselling DCI Daley series, with over 1 million copies sold worldwide.

Muhammad Ali : The Life of a Legend

Rafiq, Fiaz
Muhammad Ali is one of the most remarkable sports personalities and celebrities of our time. He is a legend who transcended boxing and rose above all sport. A man of mythic proportions, Ali rose to become a prominent feature of our cultural landscape.

Our Blood Is Green: Going Behind Th

Rich, Gavin