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Oyster Gastronomy: From two World Gourmand Award-winning food writers

Award-winning food-writer Mairin Ui Chomain and award-winning chef/author/photographer Michael O'Meara team up to offer a fresh take on today's oyster cuisine.

Buying Yak Milk in Gurtymadden

Boske, Joe
Joe Boske is one of Ireland’s most recognisable visual artists. Buying Yak Milk in Gurtymadden will appeal to anyone with a keen sense of humour, an appreciation of wordplay, and enjoys casting a critical eye on contemporary mores and morals.

Joyce County : Galway and James Joyce

Burke, Ray
Written in an accessible style for the general reader, this book contains considerable new information, such as the first detailed accounts of the suspicious grounding of a passenger ship in Galway Bay in 1858, an event which gripped Joyce’s Imagination and features in Ulysses.

Fifty Poems

Gorman, Michael
Galway Poet. fifty poems by Michael Gorman is a much anticipated collection from a poet who has not had a publication in almost thirty years – but as can be seen from this collection, Michael Gorman has not been idle. He is much in demand for readings and many of the poems have been included in anthologies. Here in this beautifully designed book Michael Gorman presents an amalgam of new and collected work.

Binnion Road

Kavanagh, Des

An Art Lover's Guide to the French Riviera: A Fully Illustrated Guide to the Gems of the French Riviera's Museums, Galleries, Churches, Public Spaces and More...

Murphy, Patrick J.
A fully illustrated guide to the gems of the French Riviera's museums, galleries, churches, public spaces and more...

Connemara & Aran

Pfeiffer, Walter
German-born Walter Pfeiffer is one of Ireland's leading names in the world of photography and in this book he presents his perception of a landscape he has grown to appreciate and understand more deeply over the years.

From Dream to Dream: Where Science Meets Art

Robins, Alannah
from dream to dream where science meets art is a beautifully designed and illustrated book containing essays and images by contemporary artists. A rare opportunity to gain access to artists’ reflections on their work and the role science plays in informing their ideas and influencing their practice. Despite the obvious differences between art and science, this collection of essays posits the claim that science and art offer much to each other: science has benefited tremendously from the work of artists as have artists from the work of scientists.

Spirorbis: Stories From My Life

Vine, Peter

Michael Viney's Natural World

Viney, Michael