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Out Of Mesopotamia

Abdoh, Salar
Informed by firsthand experience on the battlefronts of Iraq and Syria, Abdoh captures the horror, confusion, and absurdity of combat from a seldom-glimpsed perspective that expands our understanding of the war novel.

The Schrodinger Girl

Brett, Laurel
"In this mind-bending experimental thriller, an uptight scientist being dragged kicking and screaming into the 1960s is as depressed as he is bored--at least, until he meets a mysterious woman he becomes obsessed with, who then splinters into four different versions of herself, each with their own take on the scientist's intentions."

East Jerusalem Noir

Burbara, Rawya Jarjoura

Summer Of Hamn

D, Chuck

Stewdio: The Naphic Grovel Artrilogy Of Chuck D

D, Chuck
Chuck D (Public Enemy, Prophets of Rage, etc.) brings his personal insights and social critiques to the page in fierce, passionate, and evocative visual art and prose

The Reservoir

Duchovny, David

West Jerusalem Noir

Eitan, Maayan

Around Harvard Square

Farley, C.J.
It's the nineties, and Tosh Livingston, straight-A student and superstar athlete, is living the dream. He's made it out of upstate New York and into the incoming freshman class at Harvard University. But after an accident blows up his basketball-playing hopes, he discovers a new purpose in life - to win the frenzied competition for a spot on the staff of the Harvard Harpoon, the school's legendary humour magazine.

Where Is My Mind?

Francis, Black

Cleveland Noir

Headen, Miesha Wilson
Cleveland Noir joins Columbus Noir as the Akashic Noir Series continues its tour of Ohio, and navigates the dregs of the North Shore

Like This Afternoon Forever

Manrique, Jaime
For the last fifty years, the Colombian drug cartels, various insurgent groups, and the government have fought over the control of the drug traffic, in the process destroying vast stretches of the Amazon, devastating Indian communities, and killing tens of thousands of homesteaders caught in the middle of the conflict. Inspired by these events, Jaime Manrique's sixth novel, Like This Afternoon Forever, weaves in two narratives: the shocking story of a series of murders known internationally as 'the false positives,' and the related story of two gay Catholic priests who become lovers when they meet in the seminary.

Belfast Noir

McKinty, Adrian