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From Dublin to Jailbreak: Thin Lizzy 1969-76

Popoff, Martin
Through numerous interviews with band members, managers, producers & roadies, From Dublin To Jailbreak portrays Thin Lizzy up to the sparkling Jailbreak album. Alcohol & drugs wreaked havoc, and reveal Phil Lynott in all his dastardly guises. But Ireland's favourite sons persevered; achieving the smash hit record they'd deserved.

Sabotage! Black Sabbath in the Seventies

Popoff, Martin
The most intensive analysis of Sabbath's first 8 albums ever attempted. Also touches upon torrid troubles with money, management, drugs & booze; tour tales, album cover stories & production tips 'n' tricks. All told, it's everything needed to send the reader back to the catalogue, headphones on, for a second listen of this landmark run of records.

Born Again!: Black Sabbath in the Eighties & Nineties

Popoff, Martin
Incorporating talk from over 60 interviews conductive with band members and other relevant parties over 25 years, this is the most in-depth examination ever executed. We hear the gripes, snipes, swipes and thumbs-up from Dio, Gillan, Hughes, Tony Martin and Ozzy, as they remark upon this institution coddled by the anchor of the band Tony Iommi.

Sensitive to Light: The Rainbow Story

Popoff, Martin
From the Dio years, through the criminally under-rated Down to Earth album, the Joe Lynn Turner era, and a somewhat forgotten album with Doogie White - all examined here, track by track, tale by trick. Brought bang up to date with the Ronnie Romero era live shows and new songs, following Blackmore's decision to rejuvenate Rainbow in 2016.

Thin Lizzy: A Visual Biography

Popoff, Martin
Drawing on several thousand images this large format 240-page book is a treasure trove for Thin Lizzy devotees-crammed full of live, off-stage shots and memorabilia that portray the band's journey through the decades. Complimented with words by Lizzy biographer Martin Popoff. The perfect companion and a valuable addition to any fan's collection.

Dance With The Devil: The Cozy Powell Story

Shenton, Laura
The first and long overdue biography of the highly talented drum legend Cozy Powell. Author Laura Shenton MA LLCM DipRSL has a Masters degree in music and provides an insightful angle on Cozy Powell's abilities along with detailed research that presents Powell's career in all its glory.