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Abad, Hector
One of Colombia's most beloved authors tells the story of his father's murder by paramilitaries

Two Blankets, Three Sheets

Al Galidi, Rodaan
Based on the author’s true story, this is the account of Iraqi refugee Samir, who spends nine years in an asylum center in the Netherlands.

The Leash And The Ball

Al Galidi Rodaan
After nine years in a Dutch asylum center, Samir finally has the chance to start his new life as a European citizen. But it's a full-time occupation for him to discover that integration needs a dog leash and a rubber ball.

The Performance

Appel, Anne Milano
Giorgia was a talented actress before she abandoned her stage career and fell in love with Filippo. She settles into a life of quiet compromise - until one day she bumps into her old theater director, Mauro, who fans the acting flame back to life.

The Dutch Maiden

de Moor, Marente
Germany, 1936. Nazism is taking hold. Janna, a young Dutch girl, has been sent to the embittered aristocrat Egon von Bötticher to train as a fencer. Bötticher is as eccentric as his training methods, yet the pupil soon finds herself falling for her master--a man tormented by a wartime past in which Janna's father is implicated.

Real Life

Dieudonn (c), Adeline
The uncompromising pen of Adeline Dieudonne wields flashes of brilliance as she brings her characters to life in a world that is both dark and sensual. This breathtaking debut is a sharp and funny coming-of-age tale in which reality and fantasy collide.


Dillman, Lisa
From the author of National Book Award 2021 Finalist The Bitch Claudia is an impressionable eight-year-old girl, trying to understand the world through the eyes of the adults around her.

Salt On My Skin

Groult, Benoite
Sizzling international bestseller available in English for the first time in 25 years.