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Assassin's Orbit

Appel, John
The Expanse meets Golden Girls, in which a private investigator, spy, security chief, and starship captain investigate a mass murder on a space station, which uncovers a conspiracy to release a threat humanity thought they had escaped.


Ashton, Edward
Mickey7 is the mission Expendable. A disposable member of the crew whose job is to tackle life-threatening and suicidal missions, a new clone being made after each death. On a frozen world with hostile lifeforms, Mickey7's real trouble starts when he's mistaken for dead, and a new clone is activated. There's only one thing worse than being an Expendable, and that's being a duplicate.

Antimatter Blues: A Mickey7 Novel

Ashton, Edward
Mickey7 is no longer an Expendable and now his real troubles have begun. The colony is in decline, he has no special skills to justify his continued drain on resources except the antimatter he used to bargain for his freedom. With the colony's very existence on the line, he must get it back, or die trying.

Roy of the Rovers: Best of the '60s: 65th Anniversary Collection

Birnage, Derek
Celebrate 65 years of the greatest football comic ever!

Hawk the Slayer: Watch For Me In The Night

Ennis, Garth

Best of 2000 AD Volume 2: The Essential Gateway to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic

Ewing, Al
Best of 2000 AD is the milestone new quarterly graphic novel series, bursting with stories hand-curated for a whole new generation of readers who may never have picked up 2000 AD in its traditional format.

45 Years of 2000 AD - The Best of Gerry Finley-Day

Gibbons, Dave
A selection of the 'Galaxy's Greatest' ideas man's most memorable work for 2000 AD, including the beloved future War strip, Rogue Trooper and a 1970s gritty reimagining of iconic British comic book character, Dan Dare.

Monkey Around

Jang, Jadie
Barista, activist, and were-monkey Maya McQueen was well on her way to figuring herself out-well, part of the way. But now there's disappearances, shapeshifter murders, and San Francisco's spirit is trying to find its guardian. Maya doesn't have a lot of time before chaos turns up at her door, and she needs to solve all of her problems.