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Cook, Elizabeth
Born of the sea-nymph Thetis by the mortal King Peleus, hidden as a girl on Skiros until Odysseus discovers him, Achilles becomes the Greek's greatest warrior at Troy. This text retells the legend of Achilles.

Jesus' Son

Johnson, Denis
A collection of linked stories narrated by a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, "Jesus' Son" is a disturbing portrayal of loneliness and hope. He travels through an American underworld of burnt-out sports stars, hospital waiting rooms, doomed relationships and senseless violence.

Out After Dark

Leonard, Hugh
This second volume of autobiography is a portrait of adolescence in Dublin in the 1940s and 1950s. Leonard stirs in theatre ancedotes, vignettes of Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan and divulges his own beginnings as a writer. The result is a humorous analysis of Dublin and Dubliners.

Existentialism and Humanism

Sartre, Jean-Paul
Delivered as a lecture in Paris in 1945, this work provides a seminal defence of the author's doctrine of existentialism and a plan for its practical application to everyday human life. It explores one of the central tenets of the author's philosophical thought, offering an introduction to his work. It is suitable for students of philosophy.

Isara: A Voyage Around Essay

Soyinda, Wole
Two years after writing his celebrated childhood autobiography "Ake", Wole Soyinka opened a tin box that had belonged to his father. The simple contents of this box provide the fuel for "Isara" the second instalment of Soyinka's memoirs.

Special Providence

Yates, Richard
Robert Prentice is 18. His mother Alice Prentice is 53. Both are damaged souls: Robert by war, Alice by thwarted dreams of prosperity.