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Inheriting the Bomb: The Collapse of the USSR and the Nuclear Disarmament of Ukraine

Budjeryn, Mariana
Among the various factors that contributed to Ukraine's nuclear renunciation, including diplomatic pressure from the United States and Russia and domestic economic woes, the NPT stands out as a salient force that provided an international framework for managing the Soviet nuclear collapse.

Amish Society

Hostetler, John A. (c/o Laura Hostetler)
Explains the Amish culture, and the nature of religious beliefs and ceremonies, community and family life, tensions with worldly values, and interactions with outsiders. The book has been updated and expanded to reflect current research on Amish history and culture, as well as new concerns.


Pauly, Roger (Greenwood Publishing Group
Guns have existed in various forms. This title traces their evolution - from the hand-held weapons of ancient humans to the medieval guns of China to modern assault rifles and hunting tools. It uncovers centuries of trial and error and shows how the gun changed as technological innovations focused on accuracy, power, speed, and ease of use.