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James Connolly Reader

Connolly, James
A stirring collection of James Connolly's most important speeches and writing.

Under the Blacklight: The Intersectional Vulnerabilities that the Twin Pandemics Lay Bare

Crenshaw, Kimberle
Critical insights from artists, activists, and scholars on the frontlines of the fight against racism and Covid-19.

Making Art in Terrible Times: Capitalist Crisis and Cultural Strategy

Davis, Ben
Essential essays on art in our current era from one of the most important art critics writing today.

The Diary Of Bergen-belsen: 1944-1945

Levy-Hass, Hanna
The sole surviving diary of a Holocaust resistance fighter, written from inside the Nazi concentration camps.

War And An Irish Town

McCann, Eamonn
War and an Irish Town is Eamonn McCann's classic account of growing up Catholic in a Northern Irish ghetto.

Assata Taught Me: State Violence, Mass Incarceration, and the Movement for Black Lives

Murch, Donna
A fresh historical perspective on the fifty years since the founding of the Black Panther Party, in which the world's largest police state has emerged.

Yellow Earth

Sayles, John
Rich layers of shale oil are discovered under Yellow Earth, North Dakota and the neighboring Three Nations Indian reservation. All hell breaks loose.

Black Women Writers at Work

Tate, Claudia
Long out of print, Black Women Writers at Work is a vital contribution to Black literature in the 20th century. A critical collection of conversations with Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Gayl Jones and other Black women writers that changed the scope of Black literature in the 20th century and beyond.