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Cannabis Growing Guide

Haze, J.B. J.B.
With thorough explanations of the foundations of growing and over 100 helpful images and diagrams, Cannabis Growing Guide is the essential beginner-friendly book you need to learn how to grow cannabis outdoors.

Marijuana 101: Professor Lee's Introduction to Growing Grade A Bud 2nd Edition

Lee, Professor
There is a lot of information for new marijuana growers to take in, which can make starting out difficult. What strain is the best to start with? Where should you grow it? What kind of equipment do you need? What pests do you need to look out for? Mistakes in the growing process can be not only personally frustrating, but costly with the amount of equipment needed to grow marijuana indoors. Plus, growing marijuana can have legal ramifications if the grower isn't careful about keeping it concealed. Luckily, Professor Lee has thought of everything.

Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide: The Secrets to Growing a Natural Marijuana Garden 2nd Edition

Oner, S.T.
Carefully stripped down to the need-to-know basics, the Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide aims to make outdoor growing easy for first-time growers. This book is for the hobbyist looking to grow a couple of plants in the backyard, so it avoids the more complex and discouraging issues of large-scale growing and is far more comprehensible for it.