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Map of Hope and Sorrow: Stories of Refugees Trapped in Greece

Benedict, Helen
Helen Benedict, award-winning British-American professor of journalism at Columbia University, teams up with Syrian writer and refugee, Eyad Awwadawnan, to present the stories of five refugees who have endured long and dangerous journeys from the Middle East and Africa to Greece.


Duncan, Eliot
A bildungsroman set over three acts, Ponyboy is a quest for self-identity set among the art world of Paris and Berlin.

Wild Geese

Emmanuel, Soula
New home, new name and newly thirty: Phoebe Forde has stepped into emigrant life in Copenhagen with her anxious dog, Dolly.


Footman, Hanako
Shifting between three intertwining narratives, Mongrel reveals a tangled web of isolation, desire, love, and ultimately, hope.

Spinning Out: Climate Change, Mental Health and Fighting for a Better Future

Hertzog Young, Charlie
It draws on the experience of dozens of activists, organisers and researchers across every habitable continent - from radical psychiatrists and youth organisers to co-operative builders in flooded Pakistan, activists in Nigeria and earth defenders in indigenous Mexico - to outline models for recovery and post-traumatic growth.

A Woman of Pleasure

Murata, Kiyoko

All Else Failed: The Unlikely Volunteers at the Heart of the Migrant Aid Crisis

Sachs, Dana
In 2015, increasing numbers of refugees and migrants, most of them fleeing war-torn homelands, arrived by boat on the shores of Greece, setting off the greatest human displacement in Europe since WWII.

Our Tribal Future: How to channel our foundational human instincts into a force for good

Samson, David R
An astounding and inspiring look at the science behind tribalism - and how we can learn to harness this powerful instinct to improve the world around us What do you think of when you hear the word tribalism?