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Diary Of A Genius: 5th Edition, Revised

Dali, Salvador

Beasts And Beauties: Cinema's Golden Age of Gorilla Men, Killer Apes & Missing Links An Illustrated Filmography 1908-1949

Janus, G. H.
A major horror and fantasy sub-genre of cinema's first decades was that dealing with rampaging gorillas - either jungle-wild, circustamed or trained to serve wicked masters - killer apes, and a range of ape-human hybrids, either evolutionary 'missing links' or creatures spawned by medical experimentation and radical surgeries.

Beasts Of The Blood-stained Jackboot: Illustrated WW2 Pulp Fiction For Men

Pentangeli, Pep
Men's adventure magazines were a form of pulp publishing which flourished in 1950s and 1960s America, pandering to the cruelty and lust of young men with luridly illustrated stories of war, sleaze and savagery. They arose partly in response to the inauguration of the Comics Code in 1954, as a way of circumventing censorship by presenting material in a new, 'adults-only' format.