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My Ireland

Connor, Margaret
My Ireland presents a factual and descriptive account of Ireland in the 1950s from the perspective of the author looking back on her early life in the country of her birth. Margaret’s captivating and charming story renders a nostalgic picture of Ireland independent of the inequalities and poverty that existed there at that time.

Green Carnations – Glas Na Gile

Ennis, John
25 Young LGBTQ+ Poets from Ireland

Moaney McMoan the Summer Holidays

Flanney, Ray

Lonely Boy: Musings on Death, Mental Health and Relationships

Fleming, Daragh
Daragh Fleming’s honest portrayal of mental health, wellbeing and recovery opens with a quote from Seneca, Moral Letters that states: ‘I will keep constant watch over myself.’

Seamróg the Irish Reindeer - Santa Needs Help!

Grogan, Peter
Alarm bells not Christmas bells rang out around the world. Rudolf and his team were sick. December 25th was fast approaching. The hopes and dreams of every child in the world were in jeopardy... An ordinary couple from Ireland planned to send their reindeer to help. Could Seamrog, Bridin, Seanog, Colleen. Paidin, Realtin, Norin, Oisin, Neidin and Olive replace Rudolf and his magic team and save Christmas? And so begins this wonderful adventure.

Hugh and the Manatee

Hensley, Dr
Hugh and the Manatee is the first in a series created for pre-teen readers, offering storylines and characters that break down stereotypical gender identities.

Understanding is the New Healing

Hensley, Mary Helen