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Watercolour Workshop: projects and interpretations

Blockley, Ann
Artist Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative approach to watercolour painting. Her highly-anticipated new book provides a series of workshops demonstrating how to push the boundaries of watercolour, using key techniques to develop your own work and take your paintings to the next level.

The Astounding Science Puzzle Book

Brown, Matt
An engaging and witty puzzle book for science fans all over the world.

Treasury of Folklore - Seas and Rivers: Sirens, Selkies and Ghost Ships

Chainey, Dee Dee
An entertaining and engrossing collection of myths and legends of the seas, rivers and lakes from around the globe.

Logical Chess : Move By Move: Every Move Explained

Chernev, Irving
Having learnt the basic moves, how exactly should a player improve? In this much loved classic, Irving Chernev explains 33 complete games in detail, telling the reader the reason for every single move.

How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying

Christian, Jim
A back-to-basics guide on coding for absolute beginners - no prior experience required! How to Think Like a Coder introduces the key concepts of coding, such as loops, data types and calculations without having to learn a single line of code! Simple activities that draw analogies with the outside world make learning easy and fun.

Cutting and Draping Party and Eveningwear: Dressmaking and Pattern Cutting for Special Occasion Clothes

Cloake, Dawn
This is the complete guide to pattern cutting for special occasion clothes: party dresses and evening wear.With step-by-step instructions and clear, informative diagrams, Dawn Cloake shows how to develop the basic design blocks to create a wide range of designs.


Doran, Beatrice M.
Looking at the past and present of Donnybrook through the use of pictures and informative captions.

My 60 Memorable Games

Fischer, Bobby
One of the most important chess books ever written, reissued in celebration of a chess genius, Bobby Fischer. The American takes the reader through 60 of his games, describing his thoughts, the intricacies behind his and his opponent's strategies, the tactical justification of moves and the psychological battle in each one.