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Gold Light Shining

Ashley, Bebe
In her debut collection of poetry, Bebe Ashley spins gold from the detritus of the internet. A landscape often depicted as a wasteland is illuminated in poems that explore celebrity, obsession, sexuality, coming of age, and that charismatic enigma, Harry Styles. Inspired by sources as diverse as Styles's track listings, Scandi webseries Skam, and One Direction newsletters, Ashley spins us across continents on a tour of the surreal highs and absurd lows of celebrity culture.

Let The Dead

Brennan, Dylan
Poetry. Beautiful and disturbing by turns, these reflections on Ireland and Mexico's shared colonial past invoke topographies both real and imagined, where 'things in the ground have a tendency to grow.' Let the Dead reminds us of the power of art to shape our perception of history, and of the artist's responsibility in a time of violence.

High Jump as Icarus Story

Hibbett, Gustav Parker
In High Jump as Icarus Story, Gustav Parker Hibbett gifts us visions of flight and falling. This stunningly accomplished debut deconstructs and redefines notions of Blackness, queerness, and masculinity through the lens of myth, pop culture, and that most transcendent of sports - the high jump.

The Violet Mist

Lally Siobhan

Penelope Unbound

Morrissy, Mary
Trieste, 1904. James Joyce - not yet famous - arrives in the city by train with Norah Barnacle. Penniless, he goes to seek out a loan, leaving Norah sitting on a suitcase outside the train station for almost an entire day and night. In reality, Norah waited for him; they were reunited, and the rest is history. But what if she hadn't?

I Want To Know That I Will Be Okay

Sullivan, Deirdre
The first book for adults by award-winning writer Deirdre Sullivan.

Paris Syndrome

Sweeney Byrne, Lucy
Critically acclaimed debut short story collection from an Irish writer

In Her Jaws

Taylor, Rosamund
In her debut collection, Rosamund Taylor dares us across thresholds and invites us to glimpse the world as we've never seen it before. She boldly charts a journey of survival and transformation with poems on history reimagined, astronomy, sorcery, wild landscapes, talismanic creatures, and queer love.